The Zaniac Zoom Show!

Clara Barton Bobcat scientist with lab coat and chemistry flask

It’s Showtime! The Zaniac is back! Join Clara Barton Elementary PTSA for a fun night full of family-friendly ACTION comedy!

Alex Zerbe, the “Professional Zaniac”, who’s been cracking jokes on stage for almost 15 years, zigzags between physical stunts and non-stop comedy. This virtual show will be amazing and teach you how to be AMAZING! Sure, your kids will freak out when the Zaniac juggles fire, but he’ll also lead the audience through a crash course of weird, wacky skills. The mix of tricks and
interaction keeps kids and parents super engaged as they learn juggling, balancing and a host of fun tricks.

Come see why this two-time Guinness World Record Holder was voted Seattle’s Funniest Physical Comedian!

If you want to join in for the interactive fun, here’s what you’ll need (interactive participation optional):
Ready to Participate?
– A hoodie or light jacket
– A broom or selfie stick/yardstick
– Deck of cards (optional)
– Juggling Balls – Here’s a tutorial so you can make your own balls with rice and balloons. If you don’t have time, just
grab a tennis ball, baseball, or beanbag