Steam Bobcat

"STEAM NIGHT” Science Fair Project Gallery
FRIDAY, April 28th, 2023 - 7:00-8:30PM


Please read ALL the information below before signing up via registration link below! Thank you!


Our school is holding a STEAM night on April 28th, 2023 and all students are eligible and invited to participate in the “Science Fair Project Gallery”. This family event will also include STEAM-related vendors, clubs & organizations from the community - please come support your fellow Bobcat projects and check out the STEAM fun we have planned!


Hands-on scientific investigation and invention are the focus at our fair. Please choose a fun and safe experiment to do. Your student will design, test, analyze, and present a project that uses scientific methods to solve a problem.
All projects must be durable and safe. 

Group projects with up to 3 students are allowed or students may participate on their own. 

If your project includes water or liquids, you MUST BRING YOUR OWN PAPER TOWELS and a tray to catch the liquids and clean up. Really messy projects are discouraged. Running water, drainage, gas, or compressed air will not be provided. 

Electrical power is very LIMITED.  Power outlets will be available on request filled in the entry form depending on availability. 

Live animals, dangerous chemicals, open flames, projectiles and explosives may not be used. Any project that is deemed unsafe or inhumane will not be displayed. 

Each project must be displayed with a summary of their research and project. 

Projects must be the work of the individual student / students.  Adult support is encouraged; however the project should clearly reflect the students' own efforts. 


SET UP: Participants shall bring their Display Boards and any additional material to the Commons/Gym the evening of the fair April 28th at 6:45PM. Clearly, mark the back of the display board with the teacher name, grade level and the name of the student(s) and name of the Project. 

TAKE DOWN: All students will be responsible for removing their displays, as well as leaving their area neat and clean after the fair before they leave. Abandoned boards will be returned to the class rooms. 

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: Being present near your display is not mandatory but advised as this is the opportunity for the student to discuss their work with the community. 

SIZE: Please limit displays to these dimensions: 36" wide by 36" high by 24" deep. Preferred is a Tri Fold Board. 

MATERIALS: Participants should provide all of their own materials, however for those who need assistance, please contact Madison LeCompte. 

Registration is required for participation by filling out the electronic form. Participation will be limited to ~120 projects on first-come basis - so sign up TODAY! Thank you very much in advance for supporting our event! 

Contact STEAM Fair Committee Chair: Ruchi Gupta