STEAM Night & Art Walk 2018-19

Science Bobcat

Friday, May 3rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Science fairs allow students in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics to test their big ideas, learn something new and apply those skills to a topic that interests them, and may be show off a little.

Doing Science is key to understanding Science. Our school is holding its first Science Expo on Friday, May 3rd, and all students are invited and eligible to participate. Hands-on scientific investigation and invention are the focus at our Expo. Please choose a fun and safe experiment to do. Over a 4-week period, your child can design, test, analyze, and present a project that uses scientific methods to solve a problem.

Sky is the limit! Show us what a science wiz you are!


Download the list of all requirements here: STEAM Night rules-guidelines

1. All projects must be durable and safe.
2. If your project includes water or liquids, you MUST BRING YOUR OWN PAPER TOWELS and a tray to catch the liquids and clean up. Really messy projects are discouraged.
3. Running water, drainage, gas, or compressed air will not be provided.
4. Electrical power is very LIMITED. Power outlets will be available on request filled in the entry form depending on availability.
5. Live animals, dangerous chemicals, open flames, projectiles and explosives may not be used.
6. Any project that is deemed unsafe or inhumane will not be displayed. This will be determined by the Science Expo committee.
7. Each project must be displayed with a summary of their research and project.
8. Projects must be the work of the individual student / students. Adult support is encouraged; however, the project should clearly reflect the students' own efforts.



Visit the links below for inspiration and to get started with your project:



Interested in participating: fill out the form below and send it to or send it with your child to school.

Form available here:  STEAM Night Signup form


We need your help to make the first STEAM Night & Art Walk even a success, please see a list of all open volunteer positions here  and sign up now!



Do you have questions? Need help getting started?

Contact the STEAM Night Committee: Neha Khandelwal, Joyce Leon and Shilpa Asrani at