Teacher and Staff Wish Lists

The Clara Barton teachers and staff have created Amazon.com wishlists to make it easier for parents to directly support their children’s classrooms and school. Each teacher has chosen items and supplies that would make a difference in their classrooms, parents can easily purchase the exact items the teachers want, and Amazon ships and keeps track of it all to avoid duplicate purchases.

Please scroll down to view the wishlists that have been created for each grade and specialist as well as school wide wishlists. Links to the wishlists on the Amazon.com website are added here as the teachers submit their lists. Please contact affiliates@clarabartonptsa.org with any questions or suggestions.

Please ship any packages to your own address.  You can deliver your gift to the teacher yourself or send it to school with your child.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

General / Administration

Karen Barker - Principal

Tina Livingston - Associate Principal

Trilogy Jones - Office Manager

Jamie Johnson - Registrar

Jody Hagler - Health Room Secretary


Special Services

Lindsay Hiemstra - School Psychologist

Blair Lovatt - Counselor

Alfredo Guzman - Family Net Services

Cindy Carpenter - Nurse



Libby Bruner 

Kelly Luiten

Lorraine Rojas

Katrina Vannoy


First Grade        

Sydney Berberet

Heather Choe

Sandy Johnson

Brianna Seay 

Carly Wilson



Second Grade  

Haley Redmon

Kathleen Smoak

Karen Williams


2/3 Quest

Kellie Freshour

Amber Klock

Angie Sego


Third Grade       

Jon Hodgson

Lesa Jones

Tara Kollman

Jessica Sattari


Fourth Grade    

Kayce Gehring

Cathey Hettinger

Hannah Sidel


4/5 Quest

Annette Chan

Minnie Eichelkraut





Fifth Grade        

Molly Hill

LT Turner



Amy Waldroup - Library

Serena Srivner - Music

Stephanie Torrey - Music

Irene Chen - Orchestra

Rebecca Downs - PE

Michelle Horner - PE



Lorena Spahr

Reyhan Tatli



Tammy DeRoche - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jill Minehan - OT/PT

Laura Suter - SLP


Safety Net

Julie Banchero

Margot Feeney

Elizabeth Porter



Special Education       

Susan Fowler

Amanda Requa



Song Phan - Head Custodian

Chunmei Han - Night Custodian


Instructional Assistants & PARAs

Louisa Case - IA Lead Cashier

Joanie Chinn - IA Textbook Coordinator, Web Site & Inventory

Betty Ghariai - IA

Renu Gowri - IA

Kathy Joyce - IA, EL & Safety Patrol

Irena Lautar - IA/PARA

Indira Mandoski - PARA

Amy Quan - PARA


Extended Day

Elliot Bell

Krissy Willoughby


Clara Barton staff, to add or change your Amazon wishlist on this page, please send the URL to fundraising@clarabartonptsa.org.  ALL Clara Barton staff and teachers are welcome.  Parents want to know how they can help, so don't be shy!