Clara Barton Elementary

Clara Barton Elementary opened its doors in September 2018. It is a part of the Lake Washington School District. The school mascot is the Bobcat and its colors are Red and White. 



Office: (425) 936-2480

Safe Arrival: (425) 936-2481

School Schedule

M,T,Th, F Hours: 9:20-3:50

 Wed Hours: 9:20-2:20

School Staff

Principal: Karen Barker

Assistant Principal: Tina Livingston

Office Manager: Trilogy Jones

Registrar: Jamie Johnson

About Clara Barton

Clara Barton was a teacher, nurse, and founder of the American Red Cross. She became a teacher at the age of 17, and later opened a free public school in New Jersey to provide schooling to children who couldn’t afford tuition. When offered lower pay for teaching than male teachers, Barton protested and ultimately received equal pay. She began collecting supplies for soldiers and courageously brought aid to the front lines during the Civil War, earning her the nickname “The Angel of the Battlefield.” She successfully founded the American Red Cross and served as president for 22 years, never taking salary for her work in the organization.

"People should not say that this or that is not worth learning, giving as their reason that it will not be put to use. They can no more know what information they will need in the future than they will know the weather two hundred years from today."