National PTA Reflections Arts Program

National PTA Arts Recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence, and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life. Watch for Fall 2021 program details. 

Call for entries, "I will change the world by..."

2020-21 Artist Showcase: Clara Barton Reflections Finalists


Reflections drawing entry of a space scene with girl and imagined space astronaut. Black starry background with planet earth

"The Future in my Head- My Dream": The astronaut you see is the very same girl I look at every day and every night in my sweet & beautiful dreams. I decided to draw her as its a reflection of my future... I believe possibilities are endless and hence I matter!! 

Gaurangi G., grade 5

reflections lynnha-visual_art

"Love Matters": My artwork for the theme "I Matter Because" is made from crochet. The doll in the middle represents me. The pink heart represents that I have a working heart and feelings. The Pencil presents that I know a lot of things and have a brain. It also shows that I have more to learn in the future. The stick figures represent my friends and family - the orange ones are my family, and the pink ones are my best friends. It shows that they care for me and love me. I matter because I'm surrounded by people who love me and things that I love.

Lynn H., grade 5

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