Enrichment Program

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Update: Enrichment Program classes will not be offered during the Fall and Winter 2021-22 school year. We'll keep you posted regarding plans for Spring 2022.


Clara Barton PTSA partners with and supports local and industry-leading partners to offer students after-school learning opportunities. Classes are designed to be F-U-N and promote interaction with other students. Clara Barton PTSA welcomes all LWSD Elementary and Middle School students to register for classes.

What parents say...

"We eat the food she prepares in class for that day's dinner. It gives her so much pleasure and pride to prepare dinner for the family" 

Culinary World Tour Class, Fall 2020 Session

"Brad is doing a great job. His interaction with the kids is great and he has a lot of patience. This term with the small class size, he is able to spend time with each student and point out improvement areas."  

Chess Club, Fall 2020 Session

"Our child loves to talk in Spanish with others. He likes the link with games in Spanish and he loves his teacher."

Cervantes Kids, Fall 2020 Session

"Our daughter enjoyed debating with other kids and loved participating in a national debate tournament. The class and debate topics were fun and our kids learned more about civic in an easy format while preparing for their debate topic, look forward to returning"

Debate Club, Fall 2020 Session

"Our student looks forward each week to building new LEGO projects in a fun, virutal setting with classmates. The class includes freestyle building time to personalize projects. She looks forward to sharing her projects and seeing what others have built."

STEM Fundamentals, Fall Session 2020

"This dance class has been awesome! I love seeing my student learn dance choreography and improving her fitness endurance."

Zumba, Fall 2020 Session

Important things to note before registering

  • All classes are hosted virtually and students need their own device.
  • A parent chaperone is required for each class. We're seeking full-session Virtual Chaperones, see below.
  • The Clara Barton PTSA would love to support ALL its students and offers scholarships. To learn more if you qualify, please reach out to our wonderful school counselor, Madison LeCompte.
  • Please, read the Enrichment Program Class Policies and Procedures for details on refund and cancelation policies, chaperoning, and additional terms and conditions. By enrolling in an after-school class, you agree to the Policies and Procedures. 

Virtual Chaperones

All Enrichment classes are required for insurance to have a chaperone that is a Clara Barton PTSA Member and a LWSD-approved volunteer. The chaperone does not need to be the parent of a participating student but must be over the age of 18. If a chaperone is unavailable for a class, the class may be canceled. Parents interested in chaperoning one full session will be reimbursed the tuition fee upon class completion.

Virtual chaperone responsibilities include:

  • Join the meeting 5 minutes prior to the start time
  • Record attendance
  • Provide constructive feedback to the PTSA Enrichment VP

The PTSA welcomes suggestions on new class offerings. Contact the PTSA Enrichment VP at enrichment@clarabartonptsa.org.