Pirate School: The Science of Pirates

In partnership with Clara Barton Elementary PTSA, virtual Pirate School is in session. This madcap, slap-dash pirate training academy allows youngsters and adults to discover their ‘inner-swashbuckler.’

Pirate School: The SCIENCE of Pirates! excites and motivates students with piratical fun. Concepts addressed will include:

  • Atmospheric pressure, wind, currents, sailboat aerodynamics (Science)
  • Simple machines (Engineering)
  • Navigation (Math)
  • Flight of a cannonball (Technology)

Kids are encouraged to attend dressed in costume.

Watch for 2021-22 school year details.

pirate school

About Pirate School

Pirate School is a one-man, sea-faring vaudeville show that spoofs the Golden Age of Sail and satisfies children’s universal curiosity about the briny buccaneers of yore. Parents and educators especially appreciate the wholesome, inclusive, nonviolent content and pro-social messaging subtly woven throughout his shows.

Mr. David Engel is an actor with years of stage and screen experience which brings an added depth to his clown work. He’s performed major Shakespearean roles (Hamlet, Macbeth, Titus Andronicus) and has appeared in commercials, films, and television.

David Engel photo of pirate with face makeup and hat with feather