Corporate Matching

Corporate matching is a great way for money to add up quickly. See if your company matches your donations and volunteer hours. Questions? Check with your employer or the PTSA VP of Fundraising.

Matching Donations

These are just a few employers that offer matching donations.

Adobe Your Cause Hulu Hulu
AT&T Your Cause Microsoft Benevity
Bank of America Cybergrants Nintendo
*Gates Foundation Sharepoint Nordstrom Nordstrom
Boeing Cybergrants Starbucks Cybergrants
Google Benevity State Farm Insurance Cybergrants

*3:1 match!


Matching Volunteer Hours

These employers match a minimum of volunteer hours.

Min Hours
Adobe Your Cause 10 $250/each 10 hours
Bank of America Cybergrants 50 $250/50 hours
Gates Foundation Sharepoint No minimum $25/hour
Boeing Cybergrants 25 $10/each 10 hours
CenturyLink Your Cause 40 $500 for 40 hours
Google Benevity 5 $50/each 5 hours
Microsoft Benevity No minimum $25/hour
Starbucks Cybergrants 25 $250/each 25 hours
State Farm Insurance Cybergrants 40/calendar year $500 for 40 hours


In addition to Corporate Matching, there are other ways you can Support PTSA.