Purchase Bobcat Merchandise

The Bobcat logo is proudly displayed on a variety of items for purchase at pop-up store events during the school year. A portion of the proceeds are donated to our PTSA Bobcat Fund to help financially support our amazing programs for our students. 

The store is now open. See news of store dates in the Bobcat Bulletin or follow our Facebook Page.

Order window closes SUNDAY MARCH 5th at 9:00p.m PST

parents and children pictured wearing logo merchandise with blanket, water bottle and hat

The Bobcats Spirit Wear Shop offers blankets, caps, tees, hoodies, and other merchandise for the entire Bobcat clutter. (Did you know that a group of bobcats was called a 'clutter'? Learn something new every day!

Suggestions on merch you'd like to see from the Spirit Wear Shop? Contact the VP of Fundraising at fundraising@clarabartonptsa.org.

We have spirit, yes we do . . . 

Gear up for Bobcat Spirit Mondays when students and staff show their school spirit wearing the school colors:


Clara Barton Bobcat graphic image of bobcat celebrating with a pendant flag and confetti. Bobcat is wearing a Clara Barton t-shirt and ball cap

General questions? Email the PTSA VP of Fundraising Order-specific questions? Email sales@stitchprintplus.com.