First Day Packet

Through this online packet you can: 

1) Create a login for the PTSA website (through PTOffice). 4) Edit your profile.
2) Join the PTSA for this school year. 5) Sign up for the newsletter & volunteer opportunities.
3) Donate to the Bobcat Fund. 6) Add your student and family to the online directory.


Registration is through an external site that can be difficult to navigate. Please read carefully through the steps below before clicking Register Now at the bottom of this page. PTOffice registration will open in a new window. Make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser. Leave this page open and refer to these steps as you complete the registration. While registering, do not hit the back arrow on your web browser or hit cancel at any step, as this will take you out of the system. Continue on and you will have a chance to update any errors at the end. 

Did you accidentally leave the system during registration and return to the login screen? Click here for further instructions.

If you have exited the system and been sent back to the login, please re-enter your e-mail. If you have not yet saved your address and contact information then continue through the outlined 6 steps on this First Day Packet page. If your contact info has been saved you will jump to Step 5. Please follow Steps 5 & 6. Additionally pay your PTSA membership fees on the right hand side of the Edit Parent page. After completing this transaction return to this First Day Packet page and scroll to Step 3. Click on The Bobcat Fund logo to link to our online donation site. For further help please contact

Step 1: Create a Login

Enter your preferred e-mail, then choose Washington State and Clara Barton Elementary from the drop down menus. Next create a password. If someone in your student's family has already registered, link your profile to their household. If you are the first user, click on create a new family unit.

Complete your contact information then Save.


Step 2: Join the PTSA

Becoming a member allows your voice to be heard! You can suggest new programs, vote how the budget is spent, and show support for your students.

Paying members will also receive exclusive access to the online student directory.

You can choose either an individual membership (just you) or dual membership (both you and another adult family member). This annual membership will be for the 2018-2019 school year. Previously purchased charter memberships were for the prior school year. Payment is through paypal.




Step 3: Donate to the Bobcat Fund!

The Bobcat Fund is the primary source of funding for the programs and resources the PTSA provides. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Additional purchase options include:

PCC Scrip Card. With initial purchase and every reload PCC donates 5% to our PTSA. 

PTSA Gift Membership. Sponsor a family in need.


Step 4: Return to Edit Your Profile

After completing your Bobcat Fund purchase close the window and return to the PTOffice registration page and click continue. 


You will see a message that you have completed registration. But Wait! You're not quite done.

Click Visit our Website.

Registration Instructions STEP 4

Step 5: Sign-Ups

Click Show All Fields at the bottom of the page.

Enter the additional information including:

Corporate Matching: Many local employers will match their employees charitable contributions.

Subscribe to the PTSA newsletter: Our weekly e-mail will keep you informed on events and PTSA updates.

Find out about volunteer opportunities: Meet new people, make a difference, and feel connected! There are opportunities to fit whatever time or skills you are willing to share.


Registration Instructions STEP 6

Step 6: Add Students

Now update the parts of your profile you may have missed.

Click on the left side of the page to Add Student . Add your child's info, including their grade and assigned teacher. Save. Click on your name at the left to return to your main profile.

If you have additional students continue to add each one through the Add Student link.

Lastly, click Add Parent. Be sure to enter information for a second adult in your household if you have purchased a dual membership. Save

Note: a parent living in a second household can complete the registration process themselves and link their profile to the student.

Save your profile and you are done! Return to this page at any time to update your profile or preferences. Thank you for your time!



Registration Instructions STEP 5

Let's Get Started!


Questions on filling out this form? Please contact