Curriculum Night September 2018

Like many of you my family has watched in anticipation for the past few months as this school has been under construction. And now it is amazing to finally walk these halls and see what a truly beautiful school we have. But I have realized that although the construction is done, our school isn’t yet finished being built. We now have the opportunity to come together and build a strong school community.

This physical building took planning, effort and a lot of teamwork to build. That is exactly what it will take to build our community.

The PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association and is the organization that will help us build this strong community. Our mission is to help make every child’s potential a reality.

There are a lot of ways that the PTSA does this such as providing in school enrichment, like the art docent program or bringing the Pacific Science Center Van to school. The PTSA provides for student fieldtrips to extend their learning beyond the classroom and offers a drama production through Missoula Children’s Theatre.

When the construction team built this facility every team member had something that they uniquely contributed that, when combined together, created something amazing. The same is true for building our parent community.

There are many ways for you and your family to contribute to our school. Four specific ways are to:

1)      Join the PTSA. This shows your support for the PTSA mission.

2)      Donate to the Bobcat Fund. This is our main fundraiser to pay for the many opportunities, resources and programs the PTSA provides.

3)      Volunteer. Not everyone has time to come in to the classroom and volunteer but there are many ways to volunteer. If, in your current circumstance, you are able to volunteer, you will make a difference in the lives of many students as well as your own.

4)      Attending Events and engaging with other parents and staff.

I invite each of you to find your own way to build our community through being friendly and welcoming. Introduce yourself to others and meet new people. Be accepting of all members of the diverse community we have here at Clara Barton.

One of the main reasons I chose to be a part of this PTSA is because I believe in the founding principles of this school, to be kind, inclusive and to serve others. And the best way to teach these skills to our children is by modeling them ourselves.

I have a vision that every person that associates with our school, whether parent, caregiver, staff or student, will feel included and valued for who they are and what they uniquely can contribute. I believe that together, we can finish building this school


Melissa Sutton

Clara Barton PTSA President