2020-21 yearbook delivery delay

Due to the late School Picture Day date, we haven’t seen the portrait photos flowing into Lifetouch and don’t know when they will be available to finalize the yearbook. Watch for an email or follow Clara Barton Elementary PTSA on Facebook for information about yearbook delivery by the end of summer.

Please let us know if you will be needing special arrangements (yearbook being mailed, etc.) at yearbook@clarabartonptsa.org.

Clara Barton PTSA Awards announced

Clara Barton Bobcat graphic image of bobcat celebrating with a pendant flag and confetti. Bobcat is wearing a Clara Barton t-shirt and ball cap

Clara Barton Elementary PTSA appreciates the Educators, Parents, Volunteers, and Students from our community, that during an extraordinary school year, used their powerful voice, provided relevant resources, and were strong advocates for the well-being and education of all children. We’d like to recognize those who have helped find unique ways to enrich student lives and also celebrate our students’ perseverance and grit.

Cami Miller, PTSA VP of Events/Awards Committee Member

Bobcat Legacy Award

PTSA recognizes these volunteers for their legacy of exceptional service while at Clara Barton Elementary. They will be missed!

  • Lisa Brand, School Pool Chair, Room Parent
  • Mark Cunningham, School Event DJ
  • Kifah & Osama Hamdan, First Day Coffee Chairs, Room Parent, Family Events Volunteer
  • Cathey Hettinger, Spirit Wear Chair, Staff Appreciation Events, 5th-Grade Graduation Committee
  • Sonoko Kambara, International Night Co-Chair, Room Parent
  • Sujeet Kharkar, Reflections Chair
  • Neelam Ladhani, Math Challenge Co-Chair, Art Docent, Room Parent, International Night Co-Chair
  • Jay Lippe, Founding PTSA Member, PTSA Board Member, Fundraising VP, Events VP, Spirit Wear Chair, Room Parent, Art Docent, Family Events Volunteer, Math Night Co-Chair
  • Joyce Leon, Special Education Co-Chair, STEAM Night Co-Chair
  • Olga Marochko, Family Events Volunteer, School Pool Volunteer, Art Docent, Room Parent
  • Zhanlu Wang, Math Competition Chair
  • Nomita Yadav, PTSA Board Member, VP of Extended Curriculum, Vision & Hearing Screening Chair, Room Parent, Art Docent, Pacific Science Center Van Chair, Math Night Co-Chair

Bronze Bobcat Awards

The Bronze Bobcat Volunteer Award recognizes exemplary volunteers for their time and dedication serving Clara Barton Elementary students, educators, and the community.

  • Romina Coronel, Yearbook Co-Chair, Room Parent, Translator
  • Taunya Covington, PTSA Board Member, Communications VP, Newsletter Chair, Co-Webmaster, Lake Washington Schools Foundation Ambassador
  • Amber Dattoli, Founding PTSA Member, PTSA Board Member, Volunteers VP, Egg Drop Chair, Art Docent, Room Parent, Family Events Volunteer, Special Needs Co-Chair
  • Sangeetha Jagadeesan, Passport Club Chair, Spelling Bee Chair, Room Parent
  • Renu Kushwaha, PTSA Board Member, Volunteers VP
  • Jaya Nigam, Spelling Bee Chair, Tears & Cheers Event Chair, Room Parent, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer
  • Jenn Nitta, Reader Board Chair, Nature Vision Chair, Classroom Volunteer, School Events Volunteer
  • Virginia Rameriz, LWSD Advocate/Interpreter for Latino Community
  • Myla Rugge, Pantry Packs Coordinator, Family Events Volunteer, Classroom Volunteer
  • Poornima Shankar, Math Challenge Co-Chair, Art Docent Co-Chair, Art Docent
  • Xin Sun, PTSA Board Member, Treasurer
  • Ashwini Suresh, Spelling Bee Co-Chair, Room Parent, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer
  • Xue Tian, PTSA Board Member, Treasurer, Room Parent, Art Docent, Family Events volunteer, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer

The Bronze Bobcat Educator Award recognizes exemplary educators for their contributions in the classroom and beyond. These individuals were nominated by peers and members of the Clara Barton community.

  • Libby Bruner, Kindergarten
  • Louisa Case, Instructional Assistant, Lunchroom Cashier
  • Claire Garrels, Learning Center teacher
  • Ismael Palongyas, Learning Center
  • Haley Redmon, 2nd/4th-Grade
    Brianna Seay, 1st-Grade
  • Amy Waldroup, Librarian

WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award

The WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has exhibited continued and dedicated contributions and efforts to enhance the educational outcomes of all children. Associate Principal Marianne Williams has shined bright this school year working tirelessly as our school’s COVID-19 Supervisor. She ensures our building is a safe place for in-person learning, while continuing to support students learning remotely. Her passion for building strong relationships shows as she serves as a resource for all school staff. Her commitment to student success is manifest daily, and she partners with community resources to ensure families have the support they need. Working with the school’s Social Emotional Learning Team, she helps create equity-based responses to student needs. Her cheerful patience and dedication to keep our students safe and supported has been invaluable this year. Congratulations, Mrs. Williams!

WSPTA Golden Acorn Award

The WSPTA Golden Acorn Award is a prestigious Washington State PTA award given out by local PTAs/PTSAs for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to PTA. Congratulations, Nomita Yadav! She will be missed at Clara Barton as her student moves on to middle school. While serving as a PTSA Board Member, Nomita has overseen programs that enhance student education including Art Docent, Spelling Bee, and Math Challenge. She helped bring to our school the theater program, Vision & Hearing Screenings and The Pacific Science Center Van. She enjoyed volunteering as an Art Docent and with class events. She secured donations from businesses to celebrate student perseverance and grit during this unusual year. Her passion for contributing to our school community is contagious and she motivates and inspires others around her to become involved.

Win a book store gift certificate with KCLS Summer Reading

Did you know library books no longer quarantine? Redmond Library currently offers curbside pick-up and 24/7 book drop-off.

Thank you, Mrs. Waldroup for kicking off KCLS Summer Reading during the PTSA General Membership Meeting. All ages can take part in Summer Reading. This includes children who are not yet reading independently. More information is available here: https://kcls.org/summer/

RSVP for 5th-grade promotion and celebration

Clara Barton Bobcat graphic image of bobcat celebrating with a pendant flag and confetti. Bobcat is wearing a Clara Barton t-shirt and ball cap

The last day of school for our 5th-grade students is coming! We are excited to share the plan for our celebration event on Wednesday, June 16. The Car Parade begins at noon, circling the Clara Barton front drop offline and lot. Please queue up and be ready. Feel free to decorate your car, make posters, anything to make this parade extra-special! Teachers and staff members will be there to wave goodbye – it is important to maintain distance and remain in your car during the entire parade. CBE Staff will collect laptops, textbooks and all other non-consumable supplies from all remote students. Remember to bring the charger cord too! At the end of the parade, you can pick up your 5th Grade Goodie Bag (thank you PTSA!). IF you choose to continue the celebration, you can drive across to the Woodlands Field area where PTSA will have pizza, donuts, and other treats for 5th graders. Please know that due to COVID-19 this portion is optional, families that decide to join understand that they do so at their own risk.

Please be sure to RSVP for the event here.

Also, be sure to stop by the south end of the school (playground entrance) to take your 5th grader’s photo in front of the Clara Barton “Congratulations” backdrop. The backdrop will be hung up from Monday, June 7 until Tuesday, June 15, so make sure to get your picture taken by then!

We would like to congratulate each 5th grade Clara Barton Family for reaching this milestone. Together, we rise!

Jay Lippe, PTSA VP of Fundraising

Join the Clara Barton 2021-22 PTSA leadership

Colorful graphic of speaking bubbles with text, "We Need You"

Do you have a passion to bring opportunities and resources to Clara Barton that make every child’s potential a reality? Join the Clara Barton PTSA leadership team! Self-nominate or nominate someone you feel is a great fit for PTSA board member and chair positions including the offices of President, Executive Vice President, Membership VP and Secretary. Nominations are due Wednesday, March 10. For more information, click here. Questions? Contact PTSA Nominating Committee member, Cami Miller at events@clarabartonptsa.org.

We are grateful for you!

With the month of November reminding us to take account of what we are thankful for, Clara Barton PTSA would like to express our gratitude to all educators, students, volunteers, and families in our community. Thank you for your time and dedication to our students’ learning and well-being. We appreciate each and every one of you and wish you a safe, enjoyable Thanksgiving vacation.

Yearbooks are here!

The 2019-2020 yearbooks just arrived and will be ready for pick up Thursday, September 10 from 5:00-7:00 PM. If you placed an order, you will receive an email on Monday with pick up details. The Clara Barton Yearbook chairs appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding throughout the long delivery time.

If you haven’t ordered, you can still order your book here. If you are not sure if you placed an order, please contact yearbook@clarabartonptsa.org

2019-2020 Yearbooks are coming!

We appreciate everyone’s patience while the 2019-2020 yearbook was in production.

  • If you placed an order, you will receive an email with pick-up instructions. If you are not sure if you placed an order, contact us.
  • If you’d like to place an order, we still have a few yearbooks available. Click here.

Information about the 2020-2021 yearbook will be available at later date.