You’re invited to the LWSF evening benefit, Be the Bridge

LWSF is excited to celebrate the changes that allowed the foundation to positively impact more than 30,000 kids and families in LWSD. Student mental health and nutritional stability have never been so important. Register here today to attend the LWSF annual fundraising event, Be the Bridge, on Thursday, April 29 at 7:00-8:00PM. You’ll hear stories of ingenuity and determination, laugh with celebrity guests, and discover how your contributions make a difference for students.

Please show your support and join us at the Clara Barton table! Questions? Contact LWSF Ambassador and Clara Barton Virtual Table Captain, Taunya Covington.

Show teacher appreciation, support LWSF with Valentine’s Day Campaign

Logo of tree with leaves for Lake Washington Schools Foundation

Show teacher appreciation, support LWSF with Valentine’s Day Campaign

Tell a teacher how much you care! This Valentine’s Day, for a small donation, Lake Washington Schools Foundation will put their name and who it’s from on a Wall of Love, send them a keepsake postcard, or mail them a heart-filled lapel pin. All funds raised by the campaign will benefit the important work of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. The campaign deadline is Wednesday, February 10. More information is available at

Pantry Packs needs support

Due to the pandemic and supply chain issues, Pantry Packs is having difficulty obtaining canned protein meals and shelf stable milk. Pantry Packs is hosting a food drive now through December 19. Sign up for the food drive.

For more details visit