2nd Annual Bobcats Fun Run

The Fun Run is a spring fundraising and fitness event. All Barton students will be encouraged to participate by running or walking laps for 20 minutes around the school grounds, rain or shine. Prior to the run, students will be asked to get family, friends and neighbors to sponsor their participation in the run. Families will be welcome to run with their kids or cheer them on!

Event Schedule

  • April 24: Donation envelops DUE
  • May 1: Event day!
  • May 4-8: Class prizes awarded

Countdown to 2020 Fun Run



Student goal is $30 per student

  • Promote physical fitness!
  • Lap goals per student are:

K/1st Grade - 5 laps
2nd/3rd Grade - 6 laps
4th/5th Grade - 7 laps

  • Build school spirit and foster school pride!
  • Create a successful fundraiser that can be used year after year to help fund the financial grants, school events, student programs and other contributions that the PTSA supports.

How It Works

  1. Ask for one-time donations from family, friends, neighbors and employers.

2. Record sponsor's information and donation amount on the front cover of the Fun Run envelope.

3. Collect donations.

Cash (bills preferred) or
Checks to "Clara Barton PTSA" or
Online Payment.

4. Return envelopes by April 24 to Teacher or Clara Barton front office.

5. Participate in the Fun Run!

Prizes & Recognition

  • Each student will receive a souvenir and snack after the run.
  • Movie and popcorn party will be awarded to the school wing that has the highest participation rate in fundraising.
  • Top runners in each grade will be announced during morning announcement and acknowledged on the Fun Run result infographic.

Made Possible by the PTSA

The Bobcats Fun Run would not be possible without the PTSA. This event is largely funded by the PTSA and is entirely organized and run by a team of volunteers from the Clara Barton community.

In addition to dedicating hundreds of volunteer hours towards creating the Fun Run, our parent volunteers have also personally donated supplies and gifts to help make the Fun Run a fun and successful event. For instance, a parent volunteer has agreed to purchase another swag item for all the kids at Barton.

Thank you Clara Barton PTSA!

In-Kind Sponsors

We would like to recognize and thank all the companies for contributing in kind donations to our Bobcats Fun Run!

  • 300 bananas - Trader Joe's
  • 2500 small cups, 2 coffee travellers for volunteers - Avondale Starbucks
  • $50 gift card - Target

Questions? Contact our FUN RUN Chair, Susan Villecroze at funrun@clarabartonptsa.org.