Bobcat Grants

The best Bobcat Grant ideas have a school-wide impact that may be realized over time, such as grade-level equipment to be used for multiple years. Clara Barton PTSA Members, including individual teachers, groups of teachers/staff, and members of the Clara Barton Community may apply.

A Grant is initiated by completing the online grant form below for a project, program, or items to be paid from PTSA funds. If a Bobcat Grant proposal exceeds the approved budget, please still apply.

Application deadlines for the 2021-22 school year have been extended.

Criteria & Principles

Grants are reviewed by the PTSA Grant Committee and approved by the Board of Directors with the following funding criteria and principles:

A Bobcat Grant...

  • Benefits the largest possible number of students.
  • Funds projects, equipment, or supplies not traditionally funded or no longer funded by LWSD.
  • Is neither a promise nor a guarantee of future funding for any program. If a Bobcat Grant is approved and extends beyond the current school year, a request for the future year's funds will need to be made.
  • Applicant has explored other sources of funding, including councils, departments, LWSD, other associations, fundraiser donations, etc.
  • Includes a project plan for proper adult supervision, if applicable.
  • Purchases are property of Clara Barton Elementary and should remain with the school/classroom.
  • Will not serve to reimburse anyone for a purchase that is already made and cannot fund salaries.
  • Application includes at least 1 bid/cost estimate, when applicable. If awarded, additional bids may be requested.

Bobcat Grants have been used to purchase soprano ukuleles, library e-books, safety patrol walkie talkies, and sports equipment including soccer field nets.

Thank you, PTSA Members!

Questions? Contact the PTSA Executive Vice President.