PTSA Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors members are also Executive Committee members. While members are from diverse professional, academic, family, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, they are united in support of Our Mission and welcome feedback and suggestions.

The vision for the Board of Directors members is:

  • Trained.
  • Divide and delegate.
  • Inclusion and acceptance.
  • Think outside our own experiences to create best practices for our PTSA.

Emily Lawless


Irina Czyzewski
Executive Vice President


Iris Wang & Renu Kushwaha
Co-Vice Presidents, Advocacy 


Crystal Eney
Vice President, Communications

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Ruchi Gupta & Velyn Sepulveda
Co-Vice Presidents, Extended Curriculum

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Jerika Cummings
Vice President, Events

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China Helwig
Vice President, Fundraising


photo of China Helwig

Lina Hsu
Vice President, Membership

photo of Lina Hsu

Natalie Chavez & Valerie Schenken
Co-Vice Presidents, Volunteers

Natalie C
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Jacque Bruce


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Chauncy Faulkner

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