Clara Barton Elementary PTSA

Our Mission: To provide children, families, and staff with the resources and opportunities necessary to make every child's potential a reality

The Clara Barton Elementary Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, bridges the gap between what state funding provides and what our community envisions children need for success.

Even during remote learning, the PTSA provides support through an Enrichment Program for students, Events & Programs for students and families, education for parents and guardians, and Bobcat Grants for teachers. 

When you join PTSA, you become part of the Washington State PTA, and the larger National PTA. Washington State PTA Mission is for PTA to be:

  • A powerful voice for children,
  • A relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the well-being and education of all children.
art docent 2
Art Docent lesson, grade 1 student, November 2020

A Message from the 2020-21 PTSA President

This was a school year that was anything but a quiet, non-eventful year for PTSA. I have been in awe of the creativity and dedication of our members to reimagine beloved events and programs during challenging times in support of our mission to provide the resources and opportunities needed to make every child's potential a reality. Here's the 2020-21 PTSA highlight reel:

  • Assisted families in need through support of wildly successful student-led food drive and toy collection events, and communication of district and community supports.
  • Supported in-person and remote learning classes with virtual field trips with Pacific Science Center and Nature Vision.
  • Honored Clara Barton educators with complimentary registration to The Virtual Wine & Dine and The Great Cookie Bake events, and coordinated opportunities for students to express thanks during Educator Appreciation.
  • Partnered with Mrs. Waldroup on opportunities to encourage student literacy. Funded a $2,000 Bobcat Grant to purchase eBooks.
  • Coordinated more than 30 enrichment classes throughout the school year, provided scholarships for those in need, and invited neighboring elementary and middle school students to participate.
  • Reimagined extended curriculum programs that were free to all students, including Spelling Bee, Math Challenge, Art Docent, Essay Contest, and Reflections, to run in virtual formats, and added the Passport Club.
  • Offered events that invited students to share their experiences through images of participation with the Fun Run, Virtual Costume Parade, Spirit Wear, Book Fair, and StoryWalk.
  • Invited and provided training to Junior Art Docents to lead art lessons for classes.
  • Supported STEM learning through engaging virtual events for all students, including The Zaniac ShowMay for Math with Mathnasium and Reality Break Escapes, and The Pirate Show! The Science of Pirates.

The future is bright for our students. We're grateful for the PTSA impact on their learning and growth through the more than $30,500 in generous donations from our community and employers. We're also grateful for the volunteer support and are excited to recognize many of our extraordinary volunteers and educators with awards next week.

With appreciation to PTSA members,

Irina Czyzewski, PTSA President