Clara Barton Bobcat graphic image of bobcat celebrating with a pendant flag and confetti. Bobcat is wearing a Clara Barton t-shirt and ball cap

The last day of school for our 5th-grade students is coming! We are excited to share the plan for our celebration event on Wednesday, June 16. The Car Parade begins at noon, circling the Clara Barton front drop offline and lot. Please queue up and be ready. Feel free to decorate your car, make posters, anything to make this parade extra-special! Teachers and staff members will be there to wave goodbye – it is important to maintain distance and remain in your car during the entire parade. CBE Staff will collect laptops, textbooks and all other non-consumable supplies from all remote students. Remember to bring the charger cord too! At the end of the parade, you can pick up your 5th Grade Goodie Bag (thank you PTSA!). IF you choose to continue the celebration, you can drive across to the Woodlands Field area where PTSA will have pizza, donuts, and other treats for 5th graders. Please know that due to COVID-19 this portion is optional, families that decide to join understand that they do so at their own risk.

Please be sure to RSVP for the event here.

Also, be sure to stop by the south end of the school (playground entrance) to take your 5th grader’s photo in front of the Clara Barton “Congratulations” backdrop. The backdrop will be hung up from Monday, June 7 until Tuesday, June 15, so make sure to get your picture taken by then!

We would like to congratulate each 5th grade Clara Barton Family for reaching this milestone. Together, we rise!

Jay Lippe, PTSA VP of Fundraising

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