Challenges 7+8 = You’re a Math Star!

Clara Barton bobcat graphic with cartoon bobcat holding a math text book and pointing to math symbols

Congratulations to Math Challenge 5 winners!

  • Kindergarten: David Y. (K- Mrs. Sego)
  • Grade 1: Vidhula G. (Mrs. Trimble)
  • Grade 2: Mirayaa J. (Mrs. Smoak)
  • Grade 3: Suvir S. (Mrs. Sattari)
  • Grade 4: Shawn L. (Mrs. O’Leary)
  • Grade 5: Khush K. (Mrs. Kirven)

… and Math Challenge 6 winners!

  • Kindergarten: Samarth S. (K- Mrs. Rojas)
  • Grade 1: Sachin R. (Mrs. Johnson)
  • Grade 2: Anthony B. (Mrs. Williams)
  • Grade 3: William Y. (Quest- Ms. Freshour)
  • Grade 4: Roy S. (Quest- Ms. Chan)
  • Grade 5: Nachiket L. (Quest- Ms. Chan)

Math Challenge 7 is available here on Friday, January 8. Submission deadline: Friday, January 15.

Math Challenge 8 will be available here on Friday, January 22. Submission deadline: Friday, January 29.

Parents, please confirm your student has entered their name, grade and teacher’s name when submitting responses. Failure to do so disqualifies them from random prize drawings and will not count toward meeting the requirement to win an end-of-year trophy.

Helpful links:

  • Submit your answers online using this form
  • Find solutions to Math Challenge 2 here
  • Download this file to add regular reminders and deadlines to your calendar
  • Stuck? Try problem-solving strategies here

Questions? Contact Neelam Ladhani & Poornima Shankar, Math Challenge Co-Chairs