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Monday, September 24
Enrichment activities start this week!

Wednesday, September 26

Art Docent Training, 7 pm – 8:30 pmCANCELED

Art Docent Training—Wednesday, October 24th at 7:00 PM in the CBE STEAM Lab – RESCHEDULED

Thursday, September 27
PTSA Volunteer and Chair Training (see more details below)

Friday, September 28
Choir season begins on Friday, September 28!

Monday, October 1 – Wednesday, October 3
5th Graders at Camp Cedar Springs


Picnic & Ice Cream Social

Thank you to everyone who joined our first Picnic & Ice Cream Social! Over 600 cups of ice cream were distributed in the evening and it was great to see so many families coming together and getting to know new members from the Clara Barton community.
Big shout-out to everyone that made the first PTSA Picnic & Ice Cream Social a success! Starting with China Helwig, co-VP of Events, who planned and coordinated the event, followed by the other amazing volunteers that made it all happen: Shilpa Ranganathan, Libby Bruner, Neelam Ladhani, Nomita Yadav, Olga Marochko, Raksha Pant Tuladhar, Rama Raman and to the countless others who stepped up throughout the event!
Thanks also to Jem Hilborn for making all of the arrangements for the Subway fundraiser! Eyewitnesses report a 30 minute line for sandwiches and a big stack of receipts with our flyers attached.

Math Challenge

Math Challenge, a new PTSA-sponsored math enrichment program designed to give students opportunities to grow their math and problem-solving skills, is starting for Clara Barton students in all grades K-5! The program is free and no sign-up is necessary! Visit and bookmark our school Math Challenge page.
The first Math Challenge is now available! Please download it for your students here. The deadline for students to submit to their respective class teacher is Thursday, September 27th. Solutions will be available online on October 5th.

Kinder & First Grade: solve at least 3 problems.
Second & Third Grade: solve at least 7 problems.
Fourth Grade and above: solve at least 12 problems.

For any question, please email Atoshi Sahoo and Sangeeta Mitra at

Bobcat Choir Open to 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders!

Bobcat Choir season starts on Friday, September 28 and goes until Thursday, May 2, and it is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders. Sign up and and learn more here.
Rehearsals will take place every Friday morning from 8:10 am to 9 am starting on Friday, September 28. Note that students are expected to attend every rehearsal and participate in every concert. Contact Mrs. Torrey if you have questions or concerns, or for any additional question.

Upcoming concert dates:
Winter Concert – Thursday, December 13, 7 pm (Location: Clara Barton Elementary)
Redmond Regional Concert – Tuesday, March 12, 7 pm (Location: Redmond High School)
Spring Concert – Thursday, May 2, 7 pm (Location: Clara Barton Elementary)







Halloween Costume Drive


Clara Barton Elementary will be collecting gently used Halloween costumes for our students in need. Please place donations in the bin located in the main office. Individual students will be called down to the counselor’s office privately to “shop” for a costume October 22nd-26th. Thank you so much for your help!




Volunteer & Chairperson Trainings

Volunteer Training: Are you helping in the classroom, at an event, or with a school program this year?  Come learn what is expected of volunteers and discover the ins & outs of our new building.
Join us on Thursday, September 27 at 7:30 pm at the CBE STEAM Lab
Chairperson Training: For any new chairperson, join us on Thursday September 27th at 6:30 PM in the CBE STEAM Lab.


RISE UP! October is Disability Awareness Month

Over the past few years, events at the school level have been continually growing.  This year the LWPTSA is hosting a Parent event as well!
Parents, students and families – please join us for our first Disability Awareness Month parent education event to hear motivational speaker Kacey McCallister speak on: Tuesday, October 2 at 7pm at the RHS Performing Arts Theater (17262 NE 104th Street, Redmond).
After losing his legs at 6 years old, Kacey has spent his life overcoming obstacles. He continually pushes himself to RISE UP turning challenges and weaknesses into strengths. He is always pushing for a challenge, and believes that impossible is simply a word that means he hasn’t done something yet – everything is possible, nothing is impossible.  “Throughout my life there have been few if any challenges that I have not been able to succeed in accomplishing. Trials make us stronger. They raise us up to a higher plain. If we are never pushed and challenged we can never obtain our full potential. For me it was losing my legs. For you it may be school, work, parenting, or just dealing with the complexities of day-to-day life. Regardless of what your challenge is, you too can find a way to RISE UP!”  To learn more about Kacey please visit his website here.


Calling All Clara Barton Spelling Bees!

Every year, students from all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, one of the nation’s oldest and most iconic competitions.
Be a part of this great tradition and participate in Clara Barton’s first Spelling Bee. Students in Grades 1-5 are invited to participate. Our PTSA will host three practice meet-ups during the year prior to the official competition.
Registration will run from September 28th through October 19th. To register or for more information visit our Spelling Bee page. Questions? E-mail



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